Thursday, 27 June 2013

Simple but , well amazing

had a sweet day just chilling with my amazing boyfriend, really like day were we just stay in and eat junk food and watch tv/movies. Watched Cloud Atlas, its really amazing but totally confusing. I know we may fight from time to time but I really think that most of the time I have a really cute, perfect relationship (hehe)

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Is it just me ?...

So yesterday was like the 8 months mark in my relationship... which of course started on a negative. some girl from college tried to add me on Facebook who had my boyfriend as a mutual.. turned out this would open a whole can of warms... of course the things that happened where like before we were even a thing, so why is it getting to me so much, I guess I'm just jealous at the fact there were girls before me.  but for some reason I feel like, just as we start to get really good something or someone from this past is right there... just one of those thing you just need to get over I guess, when you are in love with someone. And everyone as a past its just part of life, its just a pain when the past stops by for a catch up...
Think I may be the most jealous girl ever though, which can only cause trouble I guess.

HELP !!!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

I Found a Reason for me, to change who i used to be!

So relationships are both great and so hard, like being in a loving relationship isn’t easy takes alot from both side to make it work and I actually feel for once I’m in a relationship where that’s happening and I’m really happy, and really in love like really in love, that cheesy cringey chick flick love which I’ve really never had before and its actually the best feeling ever!! J though right now I seem to be struggling with my friends nothing to do with me having a boyfriend but we seem to be finding it really hard to make time for each other which kind of sucks I guess, just busy busy busy eh...

now one other thing that on my mind... getting a text from a former best friend , turned boyfriend, turned ex in an awkward break up, saying ‘hey just wondering who’s number this is...’  not actually spoke to him in ages and part of me feel that he knows its me but I just don’t know why he’d text it really wasn’t a pretty break up ... but I still text back saying ‘Gemma...:s’ so I guess where or not I get a reply will tell me if he knew who it was or not! :’))

Friday, 25 January 2013

bring it, if you got it!

So I think everyone is more than ready for January to be over, it’s really the blue month. But I do have some pretty good feel good news, I managed to get a myself a really good rule in my college production, now I must say all the rule are amazing my I’m just really happy with the one I got I think I will really challenge me alot as its different from anything I’ve done and this year I’m in my playing  range which makes it that much better, now I just need to be really slim for may for this scene where I’m going to have to be in need to nothing on stage and exercise is the only way forward I guess, plus its a good excuse for a lifestyle make-over getting shape and that for the summer J!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

what coming up, whats coming now?

Today, today, today where to start about today?
got to college  nice and early to go over the devised stuff... done that for a max about an hour, then had to sit about  until 3 to-do voice class which lucky wasn’t that bad got some revision for our assessment done, always a plus. Also been looking into getting a few monologue books today managed to get one for my kindle and a nice cheap one on Amazon, actually looks like a pretty good one as well. Nothing else really happened today but that’s not always bad.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Check it out! :D

guys I really think you should check out this new blog, may be new but its going to be amazing! well it already is <3

Where have you been all my life...

Think I totally spaced or something and forgot I even had a blog! :O
but I’m back I this time I swear I’ll keep you all updated, so where to start ... well you know how it told you all about that super cute date I went on? Well turns out that guy was not a nice one and this then I’ve tried my luck with 2 other guys one id known this high school and its not a great idea to date friends it just get ugly fast, then there is this guy who is pretty awesome and we are still in the cute stage which I personally hope never ends, no matter how annoying my friends may find it, next I think I’ll give you a little college 411- thing have way changed from last year, few new folk who are all pretty cool but yes you have guess it... new little groups which sucks but everyone is still making an effort to talk which is still something I guess, eh I still don’t have a job I may actually end up being a hobo in the next few years to look out for me, I’ll be the one with the cup. What else... hmmm, well Christmas was pretty cool got alot of cool things and alot alot of chocolate ( I still have loads left) Christmas dinner was actually amazing my mother sure can cook! And I think I’ll finish up with saying I had a pretty awesome birthday too even if it was just sitting eating and watching tv, now off to spend time with the family, little brothers birthday today. x