Wednesday, 25 January 2012

NO. It was that dramatic...

So yeah yesterday was the big camp America fair to be haired on the spot, which to place in Edinburgh. Which I was super excited about until I got there! Let’s just say when I saw the queue I knew I wasn’t going to get my way. The place was a total mess with people everywhere. I didn’t even know were half of the queue’s started or finished it was like one big mash up, then to make things worse I didn’t get haired they said I was too young or there were no places left, well that sucked! Then to make thing worse again when we got to the station to come home are tickets wouldn’t work, we were informed the we had off peck tickets during peck time, but we managed to fight are case and get home without havening to wait two and a half hours to I guess that wasn’t so bad...

Monday, 23 January 2012

I wouldnt leave me with a camera

Go Run tell your friends....

So I was guessing that right away it was going to be ‘one of those days’ I just felt to slow I was thinking about how things could have been, y’know if I hadn’t lost curtain friends or made others. I just felt like it had been building up for a while, so the on the way to college I had a sob. After it had pass I things were starting to look up me and holly were having a laugh at college and I just put everything to the back of my mind, but nothing seemed that simple. After college the gang had planned on going for food but again is anything that simple... after we fail to wait for a couple of the guys it turn sour and I knew something was starting but just wasn’t in the mood. I just hope that it can all be sorted (I just hate when friends fight). Then to just make the day that much brighter my bbf text me reminding me that we had plans for tomorrow, which I had totally forgot about causing more problems. Let’s just say I cried alot today...</3

Sunday, 22 January 2012

People Click!

People have the power to become friends with others, to get to know and love people, but not everyone finds this easy, but when you meet people as lovely and genuine as the two girls in this photo you begin to wonder where you have been looking all this time. This is what I call people clicking <3

Starting Somthing New

Like keeping a diary, I plan to keep my blog up to date and interesting like your favourite book or a cheesy sitcom on TV, not all posts will be super amazing but I will inform you anyway so at least pretend to be interested.