Sunday, 10 February 2013

I Found a Reason for me, to change who i used to be!

So relationships are both great and so hard, like being in a loving relationship isn’t easy takes alot from both side to make it work and I actually feel for once I’m in a relationship where that’s happening and I’m really happy, and really in love like really in love, that cheesy cringey chick flick love which I’ve really never had before and its actually the best feeling ever!! J though right now I seem to be struggling with my friends nothing to do with me having a boyfriend but we seem to be finding it really hard to make time for each other which kind of sucks I guess, just busy busy busy eh...

now one other thing that on my mind... getting a text from a former best friend , turned boyfriend, turned ex in an awkward break up, saying ‘hey just wondering who’s number this is...’  not actually spoke to him in ages and part of me feel that he knows its me but I just don’t know why he’d text it really wasn’t a pretty break up ... but I still text back saying ‘Gemma...:s’ so I guess where or not I get a reply will tell me if he knew who it was or not! :’))