Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Free Cuba ;)

Okay so Sunday the 13th of May was my college production, which was just an amazing experience.
We at to be at the arts centre for 10am though the show did actually start until have 7. And by the time me and some of my cast mate got there it was like half 10 so it was straight in to have a look at the stage, I got such a rush and could wait to start performing.

then we at are technical run which is mostly just a lot of standing around so they can do sound and lighting checks, after that we had a short break then it was on to the dress rehearsal which took place at about 3, standing on that stage ready to go felt amazing I couldn’t wait until show time!! And of course my cast mates felt the same; the dress went amazing and of course so did the blackout dress rehearsal!

Show time came and it was so great performing in front of so many people and standing up there I knew I was where I wanted to be! Can’t imagine doing anything else!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

And Action!

So today we were at Strathclyde Park doing plays for the kids which was so much fun, it was a great experience and everyone seemed to have a really good time which was good! And it didn’t rain which of course is always a plus here in Glasgow. Now I’m sat catching up with course work, rehearsals are fun and all but they do seem to put you behind in all this boring stuffL. Well I better finish this up and get back to it ... xx

OH yea  Are shows on the 13
th of may!!! Omg its soo soon....:O