Friday, 1 June 2012

Theres Always a Bright side

So these days thinks seem to be totally looking up, I feel a weight has been lifted now that all my college stuff is out of the way.  Summer is coming and I might not be off to America but I know it’s going to be a good one! I went of the cutest date a few days ago, went bowling of course I lost, then went to Frankie and Bennie’s then to finish went on a really lovely little walk and chatted, it was totally cheesy but I loved it! Everyone in college is just getting on so much better, not as much drama anyway. My friends are just amazing could go to them with anything which I love!
I could go on but I’m pretty sure you get the idea!!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Free Cuba ;)

Okay so Sunday the 13th of May was my college production, which was just an amazing experience.
We at to be at the arts centre for 10am though the show did actually start until have 7. And by the time me and some of my cast mate got there it was like half 10 so it was straight in to have a look at the stage, I got such a rush and could wait to start performing.

then we at are technical run which is mostly just a lot of standing around so they can do sound and lighting checks, after that we had a short break then it was on to the dress rehearsal which took place at about 3, standing on that stage ready to go felt amazing I couldn’t wait until show time!! And of course my cast mates felt the same; the dress went amazing and of course so did the blackout dress rehearsal!

Show time came and it was so great performing in front of so many people and standing up there I knew I was where I wanted to be! Can’t imagine doing anything else!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

And Action!

So today we were at Strathclyde Park doing plays for the kids which was so much fun, it was a great experience and everyone seemed to have a really good time which was good! And it didn’t rain which of course is always a plus here in Glasgow. Now I’m sat catching up with course work, rehearsals are fun and all but they do seem to put you behind in all this boring stuffL. Well I better finish this up and get back to it ... xx

OH yea  Are shows on the 13
th of may!!! Omg its soo soon....:O

Friday, 20 April 2012

Just Gonna Keep Coming Back

Feel like it’s been ages!!
So what’s been happening? Well cuba’s been coming along its starting to take shape and look much slicker. And I feel much better in my character I took some time but I got there and I’m super proud, everyone one else is going really great to so proud of everyone! And of course I have to say how amazing blackout is looking I know it’s going to be a good one !!

Also been trying to find a job!! Seriously, how hard is that. Hate how no one is willing to give me my first job! You have to start somewhere right?  Well we shall see what happens I guess! Fingers crossed something comes up?  

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Bring it on!!

Oh me! so the past two days I have been right down to Graded unit and it has been the death of me so much to write about in a space of 1000 words :o ikr!!
But thankfully I got it down within the word count… or 16 over… so here’s hoping it’s good enough to pass!!
and apart from the hols have not been living up to standard I swear I do not recall them being this boring!! Here’s hoping the rest of my time of has some interesting developments ;-)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Im Gonna Let it Shine!

So guys we finished blocking Cuba and now we are going to start running over it until its perfect. College seems to be going pretty well these days everyone’s getting one; no one hates anyone so I guess that’s a bonus. Also the sun has been really shining these days which always makes me feel super happy about all the small things. I have a few things coming up that’s I’m also pretty excited about so if there are any developments in them I will be sure to let y’all know about.

And just enjoy life!! <3

Sunday, 25 March 2012

I got a feelin' !!

Actual had such a good weekend this week, on Friday I had my girlies Emily and effy stay at mine we went to see the hunger Game in town it was amazing! If you have time you should really check it out its totally not what I was expecting, then we came home and watched mean girls (totally over done! But come on what is a sleepover without it). Saturday we done face masks listened to some music and had a good old chat. Added into town and bought a few little things and had a browse around. Then finished the night with ‘the voice’ (loved it !!) and BGT (everyone loves it...!)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Things Gotta stop Slowing Down...

Things have been pretty slow these days not had alot on. And been pretty focused on College right now, we’ve started production so it’s really just alot of learning lines and blocking. And we also have to start are Graded unite which determines wither or not you get into do your hnc/hnd so that’s pretty instance. But when things start to pick up again and became more interesting I will be sure to let you all know <3

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Star in the making

So today we had an all day audition, to see what part we would have been given for are head of year production. I must have done pretty well because I managed to get a pretty reasonable part. Which I am in fact pretty proud of :D
and of course I can’t talk about who got good parts without saying of proud I am of holly Beatie and effy Craig who both got leads in the production , you guys really deserved those parts,you were amazing today !!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Today's best buys!

Make up academy- at superdrug £1.00

cutest little make-up bag/ from H&M £1.99

make up academy liquid, waterproof eyeliner from superdrug

pink pink,blush again MUA at superdrug - £1.00

primark hotpant shorts- £5.00

Girl's will play!

Hey guys, so last night Myself, Effy, Coley and Emily had are first proper sleepover with all four of us, and it was a really fun night. We chatted, watched some ‘kind of scary’ movie (as I’m super scared. Super easy) and ate lots of junk food. I really enjoyed myself. Then this morning we decided to head into town to have a look around and I bought some pretty awesome things. Can’t wait so show you them: D

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Rock Star!

Not blogged in a while sorry about that had some crazy things going on. But any today it college was such a laugh we performed in are little bands (we sung cherry bomb) we done are make-up as well so we were looking pretty awesome if I do say so myself. And once everyone performed we were named the winners (woooo) and tomorrow we will be graced with a prize... Go us!!!
(sorry don’t have any photo of how awesome we looked you’ll just have to take my work J )

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cherry Bomb!!

Omg- so are band in college is pretty amazing, we even had Pam giving us dance lessons, and decided in an amazing song (cherry Bomb). Btw this is all to win a probably rubbish prize in makeup class but I’m all about the competition.  I’m actually really excited about this not been like that for a while in college so that’s good <3

Al Tell You How It Goes <3!!!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Totally 80's

Friday was such an amazing day at a sleep over with effy and em , that became totally 80’s themed due to crazy crimps in are hair and big eyed make-up. Think we much have taken about 100 photos being so vein and all. Then after music dancing photo to ‘chilax’ with movie was just great, who said girly sleepovers were dead?!

As Much as I Love You!

Its so hard when you and your best friend fall out, worse so when you fall out over something stupid. And so save ageing you are quick to say sorry knowing that its not all on you. Sometimes I know  that its doing no good just saying sorry and this is one of these times were I really can’t find it in myself to say it because I know that this is really not all on me and it well not fix anytime for anyone if it do...
So where does this leave me? And the silly situation at hand.... sometimes I think a friend ship is harder than a relationship

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

NO. It was that dramatic...

So yeah yesterday was the big camp America fair to be haired on the spot, which to place in Edinburgh. Which I was super excited about until I got there! Let’s just say when I saw the queue I knew I wasn’t going to get my way. The place was a total mess with people everywhere. I didn’t even know were half of the queue’s started or finished it was like one big mash up, then to make things worse I didn’t get haired they said I was too young or there were no places left, well that sucked! Then to make thing worse again when we got to the station to come home are tickets wouldn’t work, we were informed the we had off peck tickets during peck time, but we managed to fight are case and get home without havening to wait two and a half hours to I guess that wasn’t so bad...

Monday, 23 January 2012

I wouldnt leave me with a camera

Go Run tell your friends....

So I was guessing that right away it was going to be ‘one of those days’ I just felt to slow I was thinking about how things could have been, y’know if I hadn’t lost curtain friends or made others. I just felt like it had been building up for a while, so the on the way to college I had a sob. After it had pass I things were starting to look up me and holly were having a laugh at college and I just put everything to the back of my mind, but nothing seemed that simple. After college the gang had planned on going for food but again is anything that simple... after we fail to wait for a couple of the guys it turn sour and I knew something was starting but just wasn’t in the mood. I just hope that it can all be sorted (I just hate when friends fight). Then to just make the day that much brighter my bbf text me reminding me that we had plans for tomorrow, which I had totally forgot about causing more problems. Let’s just say I cried alot today...</3

Sunday, 22 January 2012

People Click!

People have the power to become friends with others, to get to know and love people, but not everyone finds this easy, but when you meet people as lovely and genuine as the two girls in this photo you begin to wonder where you have been looking all this time. This is what I call people clicking <3

Starting Somthing New

Like keeping a diary, I plan to keep my blog up to date and interesting like your favourite book or a cheesy sitcom on TV, not all posts will be super amazing but I will inform you anyway so at least pretend to be interested.