Sunday, 26 February 2012

Today's best buys!

Make up academy- at superdrug £1.00

cutest little make-up bag/ from H&M £1.99

make up academy liquid, waterproof eyeliner from superdrug

pink pink,blush again MUA at superdrug - £1.00

primark hotpant shorts- £5.00

Girl's will play!

Hey guys, so last night Myself, Effy, Coley and Emily had are first proper sleepover with all four of us, and it was a really fun night. We chatted, watched some ‘kind of scary’ movie (as I’m super scared. Super easy) and ate lots of junk food. I really enjoyed myself. Then this morning we decided to head into town to have a look around and I bought some pretty awesome things. Can’t wait so show you them: D

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Rock Star!

Not blogged in a while sorry about that had some crazy things going on. But any today it college was such a laugh we performed in are little bands (we sung cherry bomb) we done are make-up as well so we were looking pretty awesome if I do say so myself. And once everyone performed we were named the winners (woooo) and tomorrow we will be graced with a prize... Go us!!!
(sorry don’t have any photo of how awesome we looked you’ll just have to take my work J )

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cherry Bomb!!

Omg- so are band in college is pretty amazing, we even had Pam giving us dance lessons, and decided in an amazing song (cherry Bomb). Btw this is all to win a probably rubbish prize in makeup class but I’m all about the competition.  I’m actually really excited about this not been like that for a while in college so that’s good <3

Al Tell You How It Goes <3!!!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Totally 80's

Friday was such an amazing day at a sleep over with effy and em , that became totally 80’s themed due to crazy crimps in are hair and big eyed make-up. Think we much have taken about 100 photos being so vein and all. Then after music dancing photo to ‘chilax’ with movie was just great, who said girly sleepovers were dead?!

As Much as I Love You!

Its so hard when you and your best friend fall out, worse so when you fall out over something stupid. And so save ageing you are quick to say sorry knowing that its not all on you. Sometimes I know  that its doing no good just saying sorry and this is one of these times were I really can’t find it in myself to say it because I know that this is really not all on me and it well not fix anytime for anyone if it do...
So where does this leave me? And the silly situation at hand.... sometimes I think a friend ship is harder than a relationship