Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Where have you been all my life...

Think I totally spaced or something and forgot I even had a blog! :O
but I’m back I this time I swear I’ll keep you all updated, so where to start ... well you know how it told you all about that super cute date I went on? Well turns out that guy was not a nice one and this then I’ve tried my luck with 2 other guys one id known this high school and its not a great idea to date friends it just get ugly fast, then there is this guy who is pretty awesome and we are still in the cute stage which I personally hope never ends, no matter how annoying my friends may find it, next I think I’ll give you a little college 411- thing have way changed from last year, few new folk who are all pretty cool but yes you have guess it... new little groups which sucks but everyone is still making an effort to talk which is still something I guess, eh I still don’t have a job I may actually end up being a hobo in the next few years to look out for me, I’ll be the one with the cup. What else... hmmm, well Christmas was pretty cool got alot of cool things and alot alot of chocolate ( I still have loads left) Christmas dinner was actually amazing my mother sure can cook! And I think I’ll finish up with saying I had a pretty awesome birthday too even if it was just sitting eating and watching tv, now off to spend time with the family, little brothers birthday today. x

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