Saturday, 22 June 2013

Is it just me ?...

So yesterday was like the 8 months mark in my relationship... which of course started on a negative. some girl from college tried to add me on Facebook who had my boyfriend as a mutual.. turned out this would open a whole can of warms... of course the things that happened where like before we were even a thing, so why is it getting to me so much, I guess I'm just jealous at the fact there were girls before me.  but for some reason I feel like, just as we start to get really good something or someone from this past is right there... just one of those thing you just need to get over I guess, when you are in love with someone. And everyone as a past its just part of life, its just a pain when the past stops by for a catch up...
Think I may be the most jealous girl ever though, which can only cause trouble I guess.

HELP !!!

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